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Jan Mosether

Managing Director and Partner

Mr. Mosether, a Norwegian citizen, holds an MSc degree in economics and marketing graduated in Oslo, Norway.
He had worked in Norway until 1999 in various HR fields as recruitment, training, HR projects, and headed a recruitment office.
Later Mr. Mosether worked in Central Eastern Europe in a managerial position on the mandate of NATO and settled in Hungary.
He has been representing prestigious head-hunter firms from 2001 and completed multiple high level searches for top financial, HR, marketing, PR, logistics and sales positions. He is director of the Scandinavian business association „Viking Club” of Budapest, which he founded in 2001 and currently has in excess of 500 members.

Kovács Ildikó

Senior HR consultant, partner

Ms. Kovács graduated with a degree in education, liberal art and later in foreign trade from Universities, France.
She had worked in the automotive industry for international companies in France, where at first she was responsible for export activities. Later she managed the Central European representation of one of the above firms and with responsibility for outsourcing of a manufacturing-technology process to Hungary as well as procurement and production.
Her carrier is defined by her knowledge of the French language and culture. She had spent eight years in France and represented French companies after her returning to Hungary. First she managed a company operating in the textile trade in Budapest, and then served as the marketing manager of a French magazine. At the age of 38 she was hired as the director of a multinational recruiting firm in Hungary, where during her tenure she expanded the company’s network nationwide and launched and developed new business lines. Beside the success of her company, she received substantial professional acknowledgement for her role in the management of the professional association of the Hungarian HR consultants (SZTMSZ) and for her presentations given at international conferences and fairs.