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  • Beautiful country, its natural conditions like rich flora and fauna make Norway one of the most attractive countries to visit in Europe
  • Characterised by high living standard, outstanding social allowances and health service
  • Good living circumstances and housing possibilities
  • High GDP per person, low unemployment and crime rate
  • Excellent way of gathering experience and information of a new culture, nation and language
  • Endless possibilities of sport activities, especially for those, who enjoy winter sports, hiking, cycling or just being outdoors

People Norway

  • Reliable
  • Speak good English with enthusiasm
  • High gender equalities, female participation in the working life has been steadily increasing

Working conditions

  • We will help you to get a registered job in Norway. You may receive a 5-year work permit
  • As your work contract is over you will be entitled to unemployment benefit or we may offer you a new job if you claim it
  • Norway has high standards for occupational health, safety and quality at work
  • Norwegian employers expect employees to show initiative and assume responsibility for their own work
  • Regulated working hours and respected free time
  • 21-25 working days holiday each year
  • Norwegian business culture is somewhat informal compared to that in other European countries, they tend to have flat organisations
  • It is common that your manager is both part of and leading the team

Wages and taxation

  • High salaries in engineering positions
  • Minimum base salary will be 400.000 - 450.000 NOK a year (~54.000 EUR)
  • Lower tax burden: tax and social insurance are around 1/3 of your gross pay - 10% tax-free allowance for temporary residents
  • Norway has bilateral tax agreements with the other EEA member states to avoid dual taxation: you have to pay tax in Norway

Social services

  • Being employed in Norway entitles you and your immediate family to the same rights as Norwegian citizens
  • Your contribution to the National Social Insurance Scheme is included in your tax

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