Common values, common objectives

International HR Solutions Kft. Irodánk: 1072 Budapest Akácfa u. 26. 6/5 Tel/fax: +36 1 784 98 13

Our values

We have a profound understanding of our market and professional field, we offer top-quality, complex services to our clients and candidates as well.

We have substantial domestic and international experience, our colleagues speak foreign languages and are familiar with various cultures, we have an excessive network and more than ten years of market knowledge.

Our consultants are highly-qualified and have multiple years of experience in the various business-lines and sectors; they proved to be our dedicated and reliable employees on the long-run.

Our objectives

Our main goals are to build a bridge between the Hungarian and the European markets, facilitate the mobility of the work force and provide a steady supply of qualified professionals.

In order to provide top-quality services, our goal is to understand the corporate culture, strategy and the management style of our client, and thus search for motivated, committed candidates, who will perform well in the given environment on the long-run. We prefer working with a relatively small number of clients, who will become our long-term strategic partners, thereby satisfying the applicable ethical and professional standards.

We work in order to give an opportunity to recent graduates to utilize their international experience in the Hungarian market as well.