We offer complex solutions

International HR Solutions Kft. Irodánk: 1072 Budapest Akácfa u. 26. 6/5 Tel/fax: +36 1 784 98 13

We offer comprehensive portfolio of services to Hungarian and international companies, including market information, determining and selecting the desirable personality who fits the company culture and motivation, training and coaching employees, as well as carrier management.

We assist foreign companies entering Hungary that lack local experience, by providing market research services as well as advice on partnership and organizational structure.

We provide consultancy services to corporate groups and international companies that require regional information on Central Eastern Europe and expect complex professional solutions.

We help finding missing middle and top managers, domestic and foreign experts as well as provide comprehensive information on the host country plus guide employees through the adjustment process.

We satisfy special demands and develop customized solutions, such as work place surveys, benefits, outplacement, performance evaluation and other bespoke services.