Medical staff

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IHRS MEDICAL "Doctors without borders"

Our IHRS Medical division is focusing on supplying hospitals and clinics in Europe with doctors and health care professionals. Our aim is to deliver flexible, valuable and reliable recruitment services and build up long-term relationship.

Destinations: France, Germany, Austria, Benelux, Scandinavia

  • Complete staff recruitment for permanent positions
  • Full consultative service from registration to employment
  • An extensive network which quickly can provide candidates who meet our client's specific needs on several levels
  • We have vacancies for junior doctors, middle grade doctors and specialist doctors.
  • We primarily recruit from countries in Central and South East Europe but also recruit from other EU countries if needed
  • We propose international career programs to students and motivate and prepare them through constant coaching to be successful in the country destination
  • Candidate reports in the requested language
  • We provide intensive language courses in the country
  • "a good start package"; cultural trainings, tax advises, help to accommodation, travel arrangement and start-up program in country destination
  • We assist in all the necessary administrative procedures and medical recognition to work legally in the different countries
  • We follow up all candidates also during their first months to ensure a good start

We have a dedicated and experienced team with consultants in delivering and receiving countries which will follow candidates and clients through all the steps to make sure all parties are successful.

Please contact IHRS Medical for a meeting on a non-commitment-basis, we will be happy to discuss options and possible solutions!